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Rules for the use of the library

  1. Library Card Application
    Grade 3 or above, apply within one month of the start of each semester. Submit a one-inch photo and apply by class.
  2. Library time allocation
    Before 11:30am (Mon: 3rd grade) (Tuesday: 6th grade) (Thursday: 4th grade) (Fri: 5th grade).
  3. Return Book Time
    Before 11:30 a.m., just put the books you want to return into the book return box.
  4. Key points for borrowing books
    There are two books at a time, and the borrowing period is one week. Those who do not return the books will be punished and prohibited from borrowing books for one day for every more than one day. If the borrowed books are damaged, lost, smeared, smeared, etc., they should be compensated in cash according to the original price. If you go out without the book borrowing procedures, once found, you will pay double the original price and cancel the right to borrow books, and ask the teacher to list it as a deduction item for moral education and group education.
  5. The following books are limited to reading in the library and cannot be taken out of the library
    ​(1) Dictionaries, dictionaries,,,,, etc.
    (2) Encyclopedias, hardcover books,,,,,,, etc.
    (3) Periodicals, magazines,,,,,, etc.  
    (4) Comic books,,,,,, etc.
  6. Library open for student reading time
    (1) The closing time of each class (the sweeping time is not open).
    (2) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:10-12:35 noon.
    (3) The reading instruction time arranged for each class.
  7. Library Program
    (1) Pay off unreturned books first.
    (2) Enter the library with your library card.
    (3) Select the book you want to borrow.
    (4) Take the library card to the counter and wait for the computer to scan the code.
    (5) Leave the library with your borrowed books.
  8. Notes for reading books in the library
    (1) It is prohibited to bring in items.
    (2) Eating in the hall is prohibited.
    (3) Playing in the museum is prohibited.
    (4) Please use the "book insert" when picking up the book. After reading, please return it to the original place.