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Principal Yang Jieyi

Success for All
No Child left behind

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Learning experience

  1. Education
    ※Graduated from Hyunan Elementary School in 1968
    ※1971 Jincheng Junior High School completed
    ※Graduated from Kinmen High School in 1974
    ※In 1992, the 40-credit class of National Education at Taipei Normal College completed
  2. Experience
    ※ Full-time teacher for 2 years
    ※ 9 years of tutor
    ※ Team leader 10 years
    ※ Director for 12 years
  3. Service performance
    ※ Won the first, second, third place and several excellent works in the regional science exhibition.
    ※ Won the second place in the calligraphy competition of the county's national language society group.
    ※ Won the individual singles champion of Kinmen County Pool B.
    ※ Participated in one piece of national scientific works exhibition competition.
    ※ Won a masterpiece in a teacher's writing competition.
    ※ Won the commendation of excellent teachers in Kinmen area twice.
    ※ Won the first class and masterpiece of calligraphy lesson plan competition.
    ※ Won the national excellent teacher praise once.

School philosophy

I. Preface

The beauty of education is in my heart: the beauty of education and the touch of education are in my heart.

Clarify the principal's self-concept: change the thinking mode and establish a mutual life community.

Return to the essence of education: Return to the essence of education with "student first, teaching first".


Create a win-win school affairs with "teacher professionalism, parent support, and parent-teacher growth simultaneously"

"Respect for Tradition and Emphasize Innovation" to establish school characteristics as the primary professional aspiration


Two, my educational philosophy

1. Core concepts of education

   Appropriate promotion of talents to the world

   Care for the disadvantaged, lifelong learning


Second, school education philosophy

   Student-based Holistic Education

  Love and role model campus democracy


Participation, school education goals

Study Ability, Technical Ethics, Scientific Innovation, Information Application, Democratic Quality


The vision of school education: integrity, utilization, and welfare


Expectations for students:
Happy learning, healthy growth, love and care, innovation and excellence
Respect nature, cherish life, make good use of technology, abide by the law and ethics, live a beautiful life


Management of the school:
Warm campus, high-quality environment, democracy and openness, resource mutual benefit, learning organization


Requirements for teachers:
Professional growth, dedicated, collaborative cooperation


Cooperation for parents: Enthusiastic support and full cooperation


Wu, conclusion

The faith of educators—believe in the abilities of each child

Teaching fields are like shopping malls—make customers willing to patronize and students willing to go to school


Jinmen is located on an outlying island, and has long been influenced by traditional ideas and customs. It exudes a simple folk sentiment and social harmony. I deeply feel that it is a piece of jade worth carving. Nowadays, facing the impact of the knowledge economy, the criticism and reconstruction of social values all need to start from the fundamentals of education. Based on the philosophy and practice of business, I hope you and I can contribute to the education of Kinmen County together, so as to achieve self and dedicate education. Aspiration.


Postscript: The current society emphasizes "change", which means creativity. There is also a similar saying in China that "poorness leads to change." Moderate change comes with "living water", and modest change creates "life."