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The school is located in the central area of Lieyu Island, the first good area of Little Kinmen. Although the school is not large, it has a glorious history.

  1. She was born in February 2010. At that time, it was called "The First National School of Lieyu, District 6," with self-funded funds.
  2. In July 1940, it was renamed "Lieyu Central National School".
  3. In 1949, the CCP launched the world-famous 823 artillery battle, and the school was closed.
  4. In order to take into account the students’ academic studies, the government temporarily borrowed the Jinzhong school building in August 1988 and established the "Lieyu United Nations School", which recruits students of third grade and above, enjoys public housing on campus, and establishes branch schools in various villages in Lieyu. First and second grade students.
  5. In August 1949, due to the resumption of Jinzhong school, the school site was moved to Zhongxinggang (the current site of Kaixuan Elementary School).
  6. In 1949, the government, in order to sympathize with the suffering of schoolchildren’s long-distance wading to study, was funded by the government to assist in the construction of the school building at the current address. It was opened in February 52. At that time, to commemorate the construction work of General Zhuo Huan, the commander of Han, the school was specially named "Zhuo Huan Central National School."
  7. In September 1956, the government extended compulsory education for citizens and was ordered to change its name to "Zhuohuan Elementary School, Lieyu Township, Kinmen County."
  8. In August 1963, due to the shrinking of the school district, the number of students decreased day by day, and the two elementary schools in Xikou and Huangpu were merged into this school and became branch schools of this school.
  9. In August 1965, he was ordered to organize kindergarten education, and the second kindergarten class was established immediately.
  10. In August 1974, the Huangpu branch was renamed Huangpu Branch; in August 1976, due to a sharp drop in the number of students, it was ordered to close the school, and the students were merged into the Xikou branch and the school.
  11. In August 1987, Xikou Branch was ordered to establish an independent school.
  12. In August 1993, it was ordered to implement full-time kindergarten classes, and early childhood education became more complete.
  13. In August 1993, it was ordered to add a special education resource class to be responsible for the itinerant guidance work for special students in primary and kindergarten classes in Lieyu School District.

Overview of the history of "Zhuohuan" is actually a rough history of education in Lieyu Elementary School. But every "Zhuhuan person" who grows up here can better understand the hardships of the environment. They are not afraid of wind and rain, and grow stronger and stronger, and will eventually grow stronger, blossom, and bear fruit.

School vision

The education of this school is based on the educational purpose, national elementary school education goals, education policy and the current situation of the school. The future development is expected to achieve the following goals:

  1. Promote excellent school administration, inspire team strength and dedication to education.
  2. The teaching content with life as the main body cultivates healthy and good citizens.
  3. Create a school of learning organization, improve teaching quality, and stimulate the spirit of lifelong learning.
  4. To beautify and green the campus, build an environment for happy learning and healthy growth.
  5. Create a humanistic atmosphere, develop school characteristics, and advocate a high-quality campus culture.
  6. Education should be innovative, concepts should be breakthroughs, and curriculum design focused on life experience, to cultivate students' ability to take them away.