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Parent Meeting

Successful education is a three-faced one, which requires family education, school education, and social education, all of which are indispensable and interlocking. In today’s diversified and open society with professional division of labor, parents’ associations play a more important role. On the one hand, they must supervise school education in a timely manner and put forward suggestions. They must also actively participate in the operation of school activities, become assistants to school education, and practice education together Philosophy helps students grow up.

In Zhuohuan, the parent association and the school have the same goals. Their relationship is cooperation rather than checks and balances. The parent association is the school’s advisory unit and consulting organization. The school respects the parents’ association’s right to suggest and cherishes its experience And trust. Zhuo Huan Parents’ Association will always walk with Zhuo Huan and be Zhuo Huan’s friends, and give Zhuo Huan the greatest care.

List of past parent chairpersons of Zhuohuan Elementary School

First to Ninth Lin Dengmin October 51 to September 60
Tenth ~ Thirteenth term Lin Changyong October 60 to September 64
14th~20th term Lin Ma Duan October 64 to September 71
Second term ~ 30th term Sun Guangming October 71 to September 81
The third to the third and fourth terms Lin Changgeng October 1981 to September 1985
The third and fifth term Lin Yaoguang October 1985 to September 1986
The third and sixth term Lin Changgeng October 1986 to September 1987
Third-seventh-Third-eighth term Chen Guomin October 1987 to September 1989
The third and ninth term ~ the fourth term Lin Changgeng October 1989 to September 1992
The fourth and second term ~ the fourth and third term Wu Guotai October 1992 to September 1994
The fourth and the fourth to the fourth and fifth terms Lin Changgeng October 1994 to September 1996
The 46th to the 47th term Wu Guotai October 96 to September 98
The forty-eighth term ~ the forty-ninth term Lin Changzhang October 1998 to September 100
Fiftieth Term Lin Yilan October 100 to September 101
The Fifth First~The Fifth Second Chen Xinfu October 101 to September 103
The fifth and third term Lin Changzhang September 103 to August 104
Fifth and Fourth Term Chen Xinfu September 104 to August 105
Fifth and fifth term Chen Xinfu September 105 to August 106