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1. Organize counseling materials
※Guide the first-year tutor to create various information of students.
※Transfer and sort out the data of transfer students.

2. Life coaching
※A survey of children's interests and special talents is carried out.
※Implement student individual talk.
※The implementation of love service work.
※Student home visit is held.
※Coordinate with each group to organize various activities and competitions.

3. Study Tutoring
※Implement the investigation and diagnosis of students' learning difficulties.
※ Cooperate with the Academic Affairs Team to implement student performance evaluation.
※Strengthen after-school tutoring for students.

4. Case studies
※Implement class case observation and file documentation.
※Promote small group counseling and recognition and support activities.
※Write a student case study report.
※Tutoring implements individual conversations.

5. Implement the quiz
※The third grade Raven's Color Graphic Reasoning Test will be held.
※The third to sixth grade social measurement is held.
※The sixth grade Raven's Standard Graphic Reasoning Test will be held.
※We hold teacher-student relationship measurement.

6. Implement family communication work
※Irregular home visits are implemented.
※Hold parent-child growth camp activities.
※Strengthen the guidance of parenting education.

Special Education