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Teaching Office

※According to the order of the principal, we will coordinate all tasks of the teaching office.
※Draw up various rules and work plans of the teaching office.
※To comprehensively manage the business of the teaching office, coordinate and allocate the work of each group, and coach each group to do things.
※Coordinate the development of each group, supervise and evaluate the work progress of each group.
※Compile school calendar
※Assign teachers to take charge of school affairs and administrative work.      
※Implement teaching tour guidance and inspection to implement teaching normalization.
※Procedure for the supervision of school inspection services and the plan for consolidating education priority areas.     
※Assist teachers in professional growth.
※Promote the school’s nine-year consistent curriculum.    
※Handle the parent committee meeting.
※Handle major incidents.
※Cooperate with teacher training institutions to handle education and guidance services.
※Other matters related to educational affairs, academic affairs, tutoring and other tasks assigned by superiors.

Academic Affairs Team

1. Teaching research
※Convened a seminar on "Curriculum Development Committee" and "Curriculum Plan for Each Learning Area"
※Wednesday teaching research: the first week of each month, county-wide study, the second week of school district study, the third week of school study, strengthen teaching guidance and improve teaching effects.
※Recommend or select teachers to participate in various studies and share teaching experience.
※Holding the first and fourth grade nine-year consistent curriculum briefing meeting and class parent meeting.
※The cultural corridor will be arranged in a timely manner and the excellent works of students will be announced.
※Arrange the natural science park to provide new scientific knowledge.

2. Arts and Crafts Activities
※Holding observations on teaching environment layout.
※Participate in the county's national language competition.
※Hold Tang poetry recitation, scripture reading or selected text recitation activities.

3. Teaching Evaluation
※The sixth grade will hold regular performance tests twice.
※The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grades will hold regular performance checks twice.
※Review the student's work twice.
※Tutoring middle and senior students in each class to fill in the classroom log on time.
※Strengthen patrol and check classes to promote normal teaching.
※Implement multiple evaluations and attach importance to the learning process of students.

4. Student status management
※Create first-year student registration data.
※Collate the school status information over the years.
※Handle the transfer of students (transfer out and transfer in) matters.
※Submit various education reports on time.

5. Teaching equipment
※Purchase and enrich the teaching equipment of various subjects.
※Encourage teachers to make full use of teaching media to assist teaching and improve teaching effects. (Single-gun projector, laptop, various teaching aids)
※Natural, art and labor, music, and other specialized classrooms are fully utilized to improve teaching effects.

6. Book management
※Order various books and magazines to provide teachers and students with opportunities to read new knowledge.
※Arrange the usage time of the library every week for each class.
※Organize student service team to assist library management.
※Make good use of Mandarin Daily Weekly and Mandarin Daily.

7. Information education
※Encourage teachers to make good use of computer classrooms, learn information media operations, and improve teaching effects.
※Update the class webpage in due course.

Academic Affairs Team

1. Life education
※Implementation of student career guidance.
※Implement the guidance of the student code of conduct.
※Implement the teacher's spirit speech.
※We will implement order, courtesy, and cleanliness competition week by week.
※Implementation of garbage-free and resource recycling campaigns.
※Strengthen student life education and moral education.
※Strengthen traffic safety education and event education.
※Strengthen students' off-campus life counseling.
※Strengthen honest education and implement the honor system.
※Implement tobacco and drug prevention education, and supervise and evaluate.
※In conjunction with the festival, a commemorative special issue will be published.
※Promoting various activities of annual education.
※Take a legal safety education test.
※Scheduled the off-campus life counseling plan for students during holidays.

2. Self-Government Activities and Scouting Education
※Organize and train student picket teams to guide the implementation of various tasks.
※Guide the cadres of each class to perform tasks.
※Tutoring children in various autonomous activities.
※Organize road teams and bicycle teams; and guide them to abide by traffic rules and ensure traffic safety.
※We hold regular weekly meetings and class meetings.
※The implementation of Cub Scout activities and social service education.

3. Arts and sports activities
※ Implement group activities and inter-class activities.
※Organize and train various representative teams.
※The middle and high school senior team relay competition will be held.
※Participate in the autumn cross-country race in the county.
※A physical fitness test is carried out.
※The Cub Scout Gesue Camping event is held.
※On-campus three-on-three bullfighting basketball games are held.
※Participate in the observation of folk customs and talents in the whole county.
※Participate in the expanded flag raising ceremony and self-improvement morning run on New Year's Day in 1993.
※Holding self-improvement activities for students during winter vacation.

4. Health Care and Environmental Education
※Morning inspection work is carried out every day, and any defects are found to be counseled and improved at any time.
※Students' height and weight are measured twice per semester.
※The implementation of environmental education activities.
※Strengthen the implementation of vision care.
※To implement prevention and treatment of diseases.
※Organize the "Love Little Angels" service team and guide them to perform tasks.
※We hold various activities of Vision Care Week.
※Guide students to clean up their work and run the competition week by week.