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1. Work in charge
※ Formulate general affairs work plans, calendars and various regulations.
※Answers and requests regarding the application of business laws and regulations.
※School landscaping and greening supervision and implementation.
※Supervise the construction and procurement related matters.
※Supervise the prevention, rescue and aftermath of school disasters.
※Supervise the implementation of the annual budget plan.
※ Conduct fire drills.
※Supervise school access control management and security protection.
※Involving the handling of cases involving the State Compensation Law.
※Compiling and executing various budgets.
※Collection and filing of general affairs information.
※Assist in the support work of celebration activities and drills in various rooms.
※Temporary assignments.
2. Major Projects
※Environmental equipment, classrooms, and toilet improvement works for elementary school classes: 1,053,118 yuan.
※Update the campus monitoring system: 200,000 yuan.
※Update kitchen equipment: 200,000 yuan.
※Update the campus network cable project: 150,000 yuan.
※Update meeting room equipment: 300,000 yuan.


※Preparation of school budget and final accounts
※Receipts and expenditures and verification of original documents
※Budget visa and registration items
※According to the prescribed procedures to handle the compilation and reporting of cases of fund transfer
※The budget execution status (Jimai report) preparation and reporting items
※Apply for the revision of the allocation of the mobile expenditure reserve fund and the preparation of the supplementary budget case in the annual process
※Annual-end accruals are reserved for reporting matters
※Preparation of payment voucher for fulfilling payment responsibility
※According to the legal accounting vouchers to record the account book items
※Compilation and reporting of annual final accounts
※Keeping various accounting books, accounting reports, accounting vouchers
※Regular or irregular inspection of cashier and general affairs related business
※Prepayment, collection and settlement of funds on behalf of others
※Internal audit processing matters
※Prepare the accounting report according to the limit
※Public Treasury Cheque Branch Chapter
※As the bidding supervision of construction and renovation procurement projects
※Other related accounting and statistical matters


※Generally manage the personnel affairs of the whole school.
※Handle the appointment and dismissal of faculty members, salary classification, performance appraisal, rewards and punishments,
※Various benefits and benefits
※Public labor insurance, health insurance,
※It is related to the registration, filing and statistics of personnel data.
※Temporary assignments.


※Keep the school's seal.
※Official documents are sent and received and the school registration matters.
※The drafting of the document processing rules and regulations.
※Official document confidentiality and document filing and storage matters.
※Be responsible for the minutes of the whole school meeting and organize various meeting reports .
※To handle the matters of the school affairs meeting.
※Record the school memorabilia.     
※To handle official document inspection and reminder matters.
※The principal will hand over the remittance matters.
※About the business handling matters of the Education Association.
※It does not belong to the official document processing of each office.
※Collect, organize, log in, keep the school history and assist Alumni Association business
※Manage school-wide activity materials, negatives, and video tapes
※Handle school event invitation letter, thank you letter and congratulation letter etc Sign and register.
※Handling for the celebration ceremony and the writing and preparation of various flags and signs.   
※To handle matters related to the Administrative Procedure Law.
※Assist in the secretarial business of the principal's office.
※Handling work simplification cases.


※The cash register is kept.
※The public treasury cash bills are the custody and cashier matters of marketable securities.
※Fill out the receipt of payment, send it to the gold book, and keep the check in the public treasury.
※Prepare cash balance sheet, balance explanation sheet and other matters.
※Employees' salary and allowances are granted and deducted from donations, loans, insurance premiums, welfare funds, mutual aid funds, income tax and other liberation matters.
※Temporary receipt and payment of prepaid advances.
※The receipt and payment of agency fees and the receipt and payment of schoolwork and miscellaneous fees  .
※Counter-signed matters for public treasury cheques and withdrawals.
※The preparation of petty cash reference book.
※Check all payment vouchers, seals and amounts.